New Video Celebrates the Achievements of Labor


MagnaCare showcases union workers at annual NYC Labor Day Parade

NEW YORK (Nov. 6, 2023)

On Sept. 9, 2023, New York’s labor unions arrived in full force for the city’s annual Labor Day Parade. The parade is a longstanding tradition that celebrates what America’s many union workers have achieved in their quest for just wages, fair benefits and improved working conditions.

Leaders from MagnaCare, a third-party administrator with a long history of serving the benefits needs of organized labor groups, joins the AFL-CIO New York City Central Labor Council organized parade every year. This year, to highlight this important parade and the strength of union workers, MagnaCare has launched a new video that captures the joy and solidarity of parade marchers.

“As a partner to organized labor for more than 30 years, every year my team proudly supports our clients that are marching in New York’s annual Labor Day Parade. The energy in the parade is always incredibly inspiring,” said Michelle Zettergren, president of Labor at MagnaCare. “These videos are our way of capturing and sharing the passion and dedication of parade marchers with both those who attended and those who couldn’t join.”

For union workers and their supporters, Labor Day is a time to reflect on what’s been gained and the opportunities that lie ahead. As an organization with deep ties to the labor community, MagnaCare recognizes the value of work and workers’ rights, and the power of unions to create lasting change.

“Labor unions have accomplished so much over the years,” said Zettergren, “and the NYC annual Labor Day Parade is a reminder of how much labor has positively benefited our society.”




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