When it comes to healthcare,
one size does not fit all.

The Company

A small (less than 100 employees) tech startup creating new data-mining software
for media companies.

The Problem

Youth. Almost all the startup’s employees are 35 or younger, a demographic that generally doesn’t overuse healthcare or submit unreasonably high claims. Yet the firm’s large insurance company doesn’t take a specific population’s need into account when calculating its fixed plan costs.

The Strategy

When the company touches base with MagnaCare, we reveal that one of the chief benefits of self-funded health insurance is the employer’s ability to create their own healthcare plan to ensure employees receive the care that’s right for them and the company.

The Benefits

Ongoing. With full access to claims data—something often denied by traditional health insurance companies—the tech startup can design a flexible benefits plan that allows them to:

Pick the healthcare solution

from reduced premiums and state taxes

Choose copay and deductible amounts,

as well as covered services

Add benefits or make changes

whenever needed

Know exactly what their plan

is going to cost each year

With 30 years of experience serving self-insured clients, MagnaCare provides everything you need to administer your self funded health plan at a lower cost and with the greater customization that each individual company deserves.

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