Get the most affordable MEC plans

Minimum essential coverage (MEC) plans may be a good alternative for employers with 50 or more full-time employees.

MEC plans cover preventive and wellness-related tests and treatments, and eliminate the costly $2,320 penalty that employers would otherwise have to pay for each employee under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

MagnaCare offers two MEC options:

  • MagnaCare Basic MEC
  • MagnaCare Enhanced MEC

Did you know?

A business with 100 employees that doesn’t provide minimum essential coverage can expect to pay more than $160,000/year in penalties.

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What does Basic MEC cover?

Basic MEC offers preventive coverage, such as well visits and screenings:


preventive coverage for adults, such as cancer screenings, diet counseling, and HIV testing


preventive screenings for women, such as anemia screening for pregnant women and domestic violence counseling


preventive screenings for children, such as oral health risk assessment and lead screening

MagnaCare Enhanced MEC adds value to employers

Our low-cost Enhanced MEC plan gives employees the health benefits they prefer. MagnaCare Enhanced MEC makes good business sense for employers by keeping employees happy and healthy.

Benefit Basic MEC MagnaCare Enhanced MEC

Essential benefits

All preventive services required under PPACA

All preventive services required under PPACA

Doctor “sick” office visits

4 visits per year*

Specialist office visits

Included in 4 visits per year*

Urgent care

1 visit per year*


1 per year*


1 visit per year*

Prescription Drugs

Discount card







*Copays apply, depending on plan design

MagnaCare offers the most economical MEC plans in the New York tri-state area.

MagnaCare MEC costs a fraction of what you’d pay for other MEC plans. It also represents huge savings compared to the employer penalty: MagnaCare MEC costs less than 5% of the penalty for businesses with 100 employees, and less than 10% of the employer penalty for businesses with 50 employees – making it a no-brainer. Since MagnaCare MEC plans are self-funded, they are exempt from state coverage mandates and state taxes, and any unused funds are returned to the business.

With MagnaCare MEC you will:

Comply with the ACA employer mandate

Eliminate the costly penalty (which is currently $2,320/employee)

Receive all health plan administrative services such as managing claims

Offer your employees convenient access to a network of more than 130,000 doctors in the New York tri-state area

Beyond MEC plans, MagnaCare offers a wide range of affordable employer plans – enabling employers to meet the value and affordability standards set forth by the ACA and avoid paying penalty B.


Get your custom MEC quote

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Get your custom MEC quote

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Get your custom MEC quote

Call 609.385.1963 or fill out the form below.