Choose a health care partner that will do more for you

We understand your needs as well as the local players, and treat every client as our most important. MagnaCare provides competitive discounts, is responsive to your needs and offers flexible plan design and TPA services. We will design your custom health plan to include the services you choose.

Looking to reduce your health care costs? So are we.

That’s why we designed Create® health plans. Create lowers health care costs for Labor Funds and employers, while improving health care outcomes for members and employees. Learn more about Create, an innovative, new health plan for New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Robust network

More than 200 hospitals and 220,000 doctor locations in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut – where you members live and work. When your members travel to another state, they’re covered by a national network of top-notch health care professionals in more than 550,000 locations.

Claims adjudication

Our medical clinicians review every claim to determine whether the billed service level is appropriate for the diagnosis or procedure codes, and decide whether to approve, deny, or reduce the claim.

Medical management

Case management, population health management, utilization review, and more by our clinically expert Medical Management team ensure your members’ health and wellness, and that they get the most appropriate care at the most affordable price.

We can perform these services for any health plan, anywhere in the country.

Advanced technology platform

Simplified administration, easy claim review, and much more save you time and effort. Our mobile app gives your members anywhere, anytime access at their fingertips.

Our technology platform will work with any health plan and any vendors, anywhere in the country.

Superior customer service 

Knowledgeable customer service reps treat every member and client as our most important. You and your members receive a superior level of service. Dedicated account managers go above and beyond for you.

Control prescription drug costs

MagnaCare Rx pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) manages your prescription drug benefits and controls the ever-rising cost of medications. Your members benefit from:

  • Comprehensive, national network of 61,000+ retail pharmacies, including the major chains
  • Complete mail order and speciality services
  • Flexible plan designs
  • Online portal to view benefit details, claim history and status, wellness information, and drug formulary
  • Quality clinical programs

Our Administrative and TPA services help you control costs with ease while delivering the appropriate care to your employees.

Claims Administration
Custom Plan Design
Claims Repricing
Employee Enrollment & Eligibility
Customer Support
Provider Support