Centralize your eligibility management

Determining coverage eligibility and enrolling employees in your health and welfare and pension and retirement plans doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. MagnaCare has invested heavily in an eligibility system that automates the process of tracking hours and other qualifications – all integrated into a single technology platform.

Thousands of insights. One location.

Our innovative enrollment and eligibility portal handles separate multi-tier eligibility rules by employee type, hours, and other rules for subgroups. The system identifies when members are newly eligible – or no longer eligible – for coverage according to your specific eligibility criteria.

Use the easy interface to submit hours, view eligibility, and pay invoices. Integration with third-party vendors lets you share accurate eligibility information across-the-board for all benefits. It also offers custom membership and eligibility reports.

Real-time information keeps more members enrolled

Create® Technology, our advanced technology platform, enables you, as the employer or administrator, to manage all aspects of eligibility determination, maintenance, and verification in one place:

  • Enroll eligible members digitally
  • View at-a-glance eligibility and enrollment statistics
  • Easily administer the plan
  • Communicate with members
  • Track employers’ uploaded hours in real time
  • Receive automated notifications when files or remittance is past due

Improve the member experience

Our platform leads the member through enrollment step by step, for a simple enrollment experience. Members can view the number of hours they worked each month and make secure payments through the online portal. Their contributions are tracked and reminders are sent to make sure members are making payments to maintain their coverage. Interactive features let members easily contact customer support through click-to-call, click-to-chat, and email support.

Contribution accounting, billing, collections, and payments

We can process employee contributions and premium payments, as well as manage your accounts payable. Members can make payments online, and both the administrator and member can track those payments.

Delinquency management

We’ll follow up when payments are not made on time. Our goal is to reduce delinquency and safeguard your benefits plans.

A full suite of services

MagnaCare streamlines all aspects of eligibility and enrollment in your self funded benefits plan:

Eligibility determination and processing
Online, manual and automatic enrollment
Employee/employer contribution processing
Hours administration and reconciliation
Employer remittance and data verification
Employer dues collection