Our Create® networks are unlike other provider networks on the market. They are built around integrated health systems of doctors and hospitals that work together to provide the best care. Health systems participating in Create are selected based on cost and quality.

To attract members during open enrollment, health systems compete on cost, quality, and services. Create integrated delivery networks reduce monthly costs for the plan sponsor and member, and improve health outcomes. In this way, Create puts an end to the spiraling healthcare costs that are plaguing U.S. healthcare.

Unique aspects of Create® health plans:

Members develop stronger relationships with their primary care physician, who have a holistic view of their medical history.

Shared electronic medical records (EMRs) among providers in the same health system promote better-coordinated care.

Health systems negotiate lower rates to attract members and provide club benefits.

Choice of integrated health system networks

Members can enroll in an individual health system, or choose our Create Flex option, which gives them access to multiple health systems.

Create is a great option for members who live in an area with a high concentration of participating doctors.

Included with all Create networks:

Advanced technology platform >

Concierge customer service >

With multiple health systems

  • Members can receive care from several health system

  • Members decide where they want to go at the point of service

  • The most flexible Create network

With an individual health system

  • Members receive all of their care from a single integrated health system

  • The most cost effective Create option

  • Members decide where they want to go at open enrollment

  • Reduces healthcare costs by 10-24% on average

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Case study:
Improved cost trend with high-quality outcomes

A medium-sized company offered Create health plans alongside its open access PPO plan.

Overall healthcare costs dropped when part of the membership joined Create.

Due to member satisfaction with their health plan, enrollment in Create more than tripled the following year, further decreasing the average healthcare cost per employee. Create is designed to deliver even larger savings as more people join the plan.

Is there a health system that isn’t participating in Create that you would like to contract with directly?

We have extensive expertise contracting with providers. Contact us about direct contracting with another health system.