The MagnaCare Story


1990: From humble beginnings

Shocked at the costs unions were paying for laboratory and radiology services, Dr. Anthony Bacchi was determined to create an affordable alternative.

In 1990, he founded MagnaCare (Latin for “great care”) — and created a diagnostic network to reduce healthcare-associated costs for the Labor community.


1993–2000: New services to meet customer demand

Driven by customer demand, we expanded our range of services throughout the ’90s, starting with the introduction of our physicians network in 1993. Hospital options across New York and New Jersey followed soon afterward.

In 1997, we developed our workers’ compensation services. From there we were fully equipped to start serving our casualty customers.

MagnaCare LLC was started in 1998.

Then in 1999 we launched our flagship service: third-party administration.


2000–2010: Technology, automation and the internet

How did we improve our client experience throughout the 2000s? We turned to technology.

We added internet-assisted medical management services to provide our clients the right treatments at the best prices. Our customer support got upgraded to provide a concierge-level service. And services such as enrollment and eligibility became automated, reducing admin costs nationwide.

2010 Timeline

2010–2020: Introducing Create® Technology, our intuitive platform

In 2014, Brighton Health Group acquired us, dawning a new era of service expansion. This merge saw the launch of our tech platform, Create® Technology.

The new Create® Technology platform fully digitized our TPA services. We added revolutionary new features, such as automated claims processing, provider network management and payroll administration.

(The best part? It’s available 24/7 on one handy app.)

2020 Timeline

2020–2023: 10 million claims later…

Since our humble beginnings, we’ve processed more than 10 million claims, making us a leading benefits provider. Today the MagnaCare network spans over half a million healthcare professionals and facilities across the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

But as a TPA, we cover much more than healthcare. In recent years, our services have expanded to provide our clients with the tools needed to run pension plans, 401(k)s and countless other employee benefits.

We are licensed in all 50 states and now have business from Alaska to the East Coast.