Putting members first

Our health benefits Member Portal is designed around the needs of your members — and built to make their lives easier

From monitoring claims and costs to finding a provider, your members count on timely support and proactive guidance. The Create® Member Portal is always available for members to access information and manage their coverage.

Enrollment is fast, flexible and automated. Finding providers is quick and easy. Whatever your members need, we’ve developed a workflow that makes things simple — all while leveraging sophisticated, innovative technology that integrates seamlessly with your wider processes.

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Drive member engagement and satisfaction

Great member experiences start in the Create Member Portal: a single source of everything they need to know about their health plan.

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The Member Portal makes it easy for your members to get everything they need, from checking explanation of benefits to tracking out-of-pocket expenses.

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The Member Portal connects your members to useful insights and information, including claim details and providers. No customer service calls necessary.

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Routine tasks like changing coverage, adding dependents, and getting in touch are all faster than ever with one portal that does it all. Available online or in our intuitive mobile app.

Simple from start to finish

With the Create Member Portal, we’ve taken a holistic approach to self-service. From automated enrollment to managing claims and memberships, it’s all in the same innovative platform with flexibility at its core.

Secure access
using login details or Face ID

Easy enrollment with step-by-step guidance

Employer messages including push notifications

Monitor coverage with plans from
any provider in
one place

Update information like dependents and contact details

Digital ID cards
in just a few clicks

Simplified EOBs
to understand coverage

In-depth tracking for claims, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses

Contribution Accounting Screens Contribution Accounting
Optimize Admin

Optimize your admin

For employers, the Create Employer Portal simplifies time-consuming tasks like checking eligibility and coverage. It goes even further to support everything from payments to secure document storage.

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