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MagnaCare offers customizable TPA services because we know every business is different. Think of us as your TPA partner: From basic administration to MEC plans, we cover all the bases — through one single platform, powered by intuitive technology.

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What do we bring to the TPA table?

We work with your team to make operational services and benefits management seamless. Whether it’s for all your administration tasks or only some of them, we’re a trusted and flexible partner.

Administrative Services

Health Plan Administration

You need an administrative partner you can count on. We handle it all: onboarding your group, coordinating eligibility, managing ID cards, HR admin, and more.

So you can focus on the important tasks that need your attention most.

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Affordable MyMEC plans

Take your pick from our range of MyMEC plans, depending on which one fits your business: Basic, Enhanced, or Premier.

These plans are tax deductible, and they also mean your employees avoid out-of-pocket costs for preventive services.

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Affordable Mec
Cost Saving

Comprehensive medical management

A fine-tuned approach to the utilization of medical services can make a world of difference to your members. We offer personalized case management, cost containment services, and population health management.

All so you can offer employees the highest quality of care.

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Streamlined Labor third-party administration

Support member programs and multiple employers from one intuitive, centrally managed platform.

MagnaCare covers the full spectrum of Labor TPA services, across trust fund administration, health and welfare, retirement services, and contribution accounting and eligibility.

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