Workers’ compensation without the hard work

MagnaCare’s casualty solutions for workers’ comp
are designed to make claims easier

When an accident or injury happens in the workplace, the overarching priority is to deliver the best course of care to your workers. But the landscape of workers’ comp is as complex as it gets — which makes the best outcomes impossible.
At MagnaCare, we’ve been managing workers’ compensation programs for decades, helping our clients meet their responsibilities with confidence. Across New York and New Jersey, we’ll help your workers get the treatment they need while keeping a close eye on your bottom line and total costs.

We do it with expert coordination, trained medical staff, and real insight into how claims unfold.

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Timely appointments. Fast resolution.

Handling workers’ comp claims is a significant drain on resources — and requires specialist expertise to do it right. With MagnaCare, get the benefit of all that expertise without creating endless admin.

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Keep workers

When we schedule appointments for your network, you can be certain every provider will only refer inside our network — helping you keep costs down.

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With MagnaCare, your workers get a single Care Coordinator for the life of their claims. That’s how we work faster and more flexibly to keep claims moving and recovery happening.

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your costs

Every step of the way we’ll find opportunities to keep costs down, including regular utilization reviews to check that care is appropriate for your workers and budget.

Reduce Opioid Risks

Reduce opioid risks and costs

The nature of opioids makes them a major risk for addiction and, ultimately, unnecessary costs. To help, we’ve created a comprehensive Opioid Oversight Program: our way of intervening early, managing cases closely, and collaborating with providers to increase transparency and clarity.

Comprehensive casualty care

Workers’ compensation is just one part of what MagnaCare has to offer. Explore our other services to see the advantage of our integrated, holistic approach.

Comprehensive Casualty Care

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