Every task.
One powerful portal.

Simplify health benefits management with a single platform — where everything is just a few clicks away

Bring greater clarity to your benefits workflow with the Create® Employer Portal, a proven industry-leading platform.

Whether you’re monitoring overall participation, checking the details of individual members and claims, or conducting common HR tasks, it’s all in the same feature-rich portal, customized to your needs. You can save time, increase visibility, and focus your energy on engaging and supporting your members.

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From claims to compliance

Bring all your management together in a single health benefits Employer Portal, tailored to your organization and existing processes.

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From a single dashboard, you can delve into the relevant data on every level, whether you’re looking at overall plan participation, filtering data by groups, or viewing demographic information for your employees.

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There’s no need to use multiple platforms as part of your daily admin. Instead, our Employer Portal brings everything together in one place. Whatever you need, you’ll find it here.

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With increased automation, digital documentation, and consolidated data, the Employer Portal helps you reduce the time and cost of your routine administrative tasks.

Simplify benefits, end to end

The Create Technology platform is trusted for its reliability, scalability and flexibility. We start with proven core features for every part of benefits management, then customize the entire platform to match your processes.

Eligibility determination based on custom rules and employee types

Automated enrollment
with self-service options for members

Payment management including late payments at a glance

Hours administration
with flexible
file uploads

Update information like dependents and contact details

Digital ID cards
in just a few clicks

Simplified EOBs
to understand coverage

In-depth tracking for claims, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses

Empower Your Members

Empower your members

With the Create Member Portal, give your members the convenience of self-service — while eliminating many of the most repetitive, time-consuming admin tasks.

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