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Cultivating the best care for your members

Spreadsheets don’t provide quality care: people do. At MagnaCare, we want to make sure that care and compassion drive the quality of care you receive. We believe having a comprehensive medical management program in place gives you more control over the quality of care.

Our program is focused on giving patients the best possible care based on their medical needs — and nothing else.

Female Healthcare Worker Explaining Medical Records To Young Patient In Office

Getting great care starts with a human connection. Comprehensive medical management programs that give patients the best possible care.

Utilization Management

Medical Management Programs

Our comprehensive medical management programs cover these areas:

Utilization Management. We will determine and approve which services are medically appropriate and necessary for patients.

Case Management. 1-to-1 case management designed to offer extra support for patients with complex and catastrophic medical conditions.

Disease and chronic care management. Whether it’s one disease or multiple chronic conditions affecting a patient, we can determine if they are high risk and reach out to ensure they get the care they need.

Wellness. We believe prevention starts with primary care. Wellness includes identifying gaps in care, assisting members in receiving appropriate preventive care they need, and implementing programs to address and assist with fitness, mood, mental health and more.


Online appointments can cover a lot of ground when in-person appointments aren’t necessary, and they can lead to better health outcomes and more engaged patients.

Our HIPAA-compliant online software lets patients connect with a doctor who will diagnose their condition and prescribe an appropriate treatment.

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Tablet, virtual consulting with a doctor and a patient in the home for healthcare, medical or online meeting. Video call, telehealth and remote with a person talking to a medicine professional expert.
Price Transparency

Price Transparency Tool

You can think of our price transparency tool as a trusty online health assistant.

Members can quickly find pricing information for procedures directly related to their symptoms or condition.

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I love having someone with medical training to talk to about my health. She has been very helpful from the beginning and talking to her encourages me to accomplish my health goals.

— Member

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