We’re committed to supporting diversity and inclusion.

Multiple viewpoints and life experiences help us better serve the needs of our clients and our community and create a workplace environment that is respectful and welcoming.

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Our Commitment to Diversity

At MagnaCare, we embrace a diverse culture focused on encouragement, respect and welcome.

We Encourage

We encourage you to bring your authentic selves to work with all your unique abilities.

We Respect

We respect the ways in which you
experience the world.

We Welcome

We welcome you to bring the fullness of your lived experience into the workplace.


We believe in increasing diversity and inclusion at every level, with leaders making space for viewpoints that are different from their own. We encourage safe spaces and give underrepresented people a voice. We believe in seeking input, celebrating self-identity and encouraging employee-led groups (ERGs) that build inclusivity.


Through dollar for dollar matching programs and dedicated time off, we encourage team members to engage in philanthropy and volunteer work.

Employee Experience

Encouraging employees to bring their authentic selves to work, providing training to help every employee understand and exhibit inclusive behaviors, including mentorship and Days of Understanding.

  • Belonging
  • Community
  • Employee Experience

How We Put DEI Into Action

Days of Understanding

An entire workday of dialogue to help illuminate the unique experiences of individuals, especially the underrepresented, in the workplace. (More to come)

Fireside Chats

Team member-led groups hosting informal meetings to create a safe space to discuss issues of racial injustice in the news and their own lives. (More to come)

Checking In

Knocking on the door of fellow team members and asking them how they’re doing and allowing them the freedom to share in a safe space. (More to come.)

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