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MagnaCare’s extensive casualty network decreases costs through access to contracted providers

When an accident happens on the road, no-fault auto insurance is a vital lifeline for injured parties — but a major cost to insurers. Without a structured process and strong provider agreements, medical bills can quickly spiral out of control.

At MagnaCare, we work with no-fault auto insurers to help dramatically reduce their total cost of care. Our ready-made, proven provider network delivers quality care at heavily discounted rates. Rent our broad and steeply discounted network hassle free.

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No fault. No fuss.

Blending industry-leading technology, dedicated teams and established relationships with premium providers, we make controlling no-fault auto claim costs simple.

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Appointments in
48 hours

Faster resolution costs less. That’s why our approved providers are committed to seeing new patients within 48 hours — and getting their recovery journey off to the best start.

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20 to 30%

By keeping your workers in-network, you can reduce your provider bills by as much as 30% — while driving quality with providers we’ve checked, monitored and approved.

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workers’ comp

Every claim is different. With ROC, workers can engage a Care Coordinator to handle scheduling, or call a list of in-network providers directly.

Comprehensive casualty care

Our no-fault auto network is just one part of what MagnaCare has to offer. Explore our other services to see the advantage of our integrated, holistic approach.

Comprehensive Casualty Care

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