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Everything your members need to know and do, all in one health benefits mobile app

For almost all your members, mobile-first has become the new standard. They’re uncompromising on simplicity, ease of use, and convenience. Who says choosing, using and managing health benefits can’t be the same?

Part of our Create® Technology platform, the Create mobile app gives your members fully featured access to our innovative Member Portal, wherever and whenever they need it. Whether they’re finding providers, checking benefits, or presenting ID cards, it’s all available 24/7. They stay in control of their experience in a way that works for them.

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Remove the barriers to
member engagement

Our innovative health benefits technology is a proven, all-encompassing way to keep members connected to and engaged with their plans. With everything available in the app, members can always get the information they need.

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Automated enrollment

Our flat-fee solution incentivizes us to provide enhanced service for injured workers. Our core goal is always prompt care, resulting in improved health and a safe return to work.

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Self-service information

Say goodbye to handling invoices for every bill review, UR event, and case management hour. We take care of all the complexities, backed by our industry-leading technology platform.

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Constant contact

With our national network of contracted providers, we can access discounts to reduce your total cost of care — without compromising on quality.

Enabling members, 24/7

The Create mobile app is great for employers, too. With your members more in control of their own experience, you can:

Reduce the costs of manual customer service
Switch to digital documents including IDs
Increase transparency to meet the demands of compliance
Enabling Members

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