Guide members to their best health and wellness

Our goal is to keep our members healthy, to increase member satisfaction and reduce your costs.

By analyzing your members’ data, such as medical and pharmacy claims, we identify at-risk members and predict the annual cost of care. We then prioritize opportunities for improving care and lowering costs.

Our in-house Medical Management team, led by our Chief Medical Officer, develops personalized plans that remove any barriers to the care your members need.

We coach members through chronic and complex health issues, and support them on their path to health and wellness through:

Wellness programs that provide education, lifestyle coaching, and behavior change support

Health behavior guidance that identifies gaps in care and provides appointment and prescription reminders

Disease management for 10 core conditions, based on a risk stratification report

Results our clients achieve through MagnaCare’s population health services:

Fewer ER visits

Better management and slower progression of chronic conditions

More engaged and satisfied members