An online health assistant

For the same gall bladder operation, a provider in Queens charges $2,500, while 20 miles away on Long Island, a provider charges $25,000. That’s 10 times the price!

Today, as members share more of the healthcare cost burden in coinsurance such as higher deductibles, they are more incentivized than ever to comparison-shop for the best provider at the best price. They also know that when their plan sponsor incurs higher healthcare costs, it affects the overall benefits they can offer.

With a quick search of our price transparency tool, members can find pricing information related to symptoms, conditions, and procedures. They can easily compare price estimates for common procedures and services, such as MRIs and CT scans, to aid in their healthcare decisions.

Arming members with pricing information increases member engagement in their healthcare decisions.

It enables them to make healthcare choices with more confidence, keep costs down, and get better results.