Information on Change Healthcare Cybersecurity Incident

As widely reported in the media, Change Healthcare (an Optum company) recently faced a major cybersecurity incident and has shut down its systems until further notice to contain the issue. For the latest information on their incident response, visit their incidence response website.

For providers that utilize Change Healthcare for eligibility and benefits verification, electronic claims submissions, and claims payments, here are the options we have developed:

1. Confirm benefits and eligibility here on the provider portal or through customer service.

To confirm benefits and eligibility, you have these options:

  1. Check eligibility directly on the provider portal.
  2. Contact our provider services department and use the phone IVR system to check member eligibility through self-service.

2. Optum’s iEDI claim submission system workaround.

As of March 11, 2024, we are prepared to accept claims via Optum’s iEDI platform.

  1. If you previously utilized Change Healthcare for claim submissions, you should have been informed by Optum about transitioning to their iEDI system as an alternative method. If you haven’t received this communication, please reach out to your account manager at Change Healthcare.
  2. Optum has communicated with all trading partners and clearinghouses regarding redirecting claims for payor ID 11303 to the Optum iEDI platform, effective March 11, 2024, for providers using clearinghouses other than Change Healthcare.

3. Submit paper claims.

You may submit paper claims to our claims mailing address:
Claims Department
PO Box 1001
Garden City, NY 11530

4. Confirm claim payment information on the provider portal.

Successfully submitted claims will undergo normal adjudication processes.

  1. Confirm claim payment status or extract the 835 file on the MagnaCare provider portal.
  2. Provider payments will be unaffected unless you utilize Change Healthcare for remittances. Should you rely on Change Healthcare for receiving payments, please reach out to our service team to request temporary paper checks.
  3. If you do not use Change Healthcare for electronic fund transfers, you will continue to receive your payments as usual.

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Information on Change Healthcare Cybersecurity Incident

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