Workers’ Compensation

Achieve better workers’ compensation outcomes through timely appointments and fast claim resolution

Get injured workers back to health and work as quickly as possible
Reduce the total cost of care

Find the right providers

MagnaCare’s managed care workers’ compensation programs direct care to providers who:

  • Understand the workers’ comp environment
  • Cooperate with your return to work program
  • Reduce opioid prescriptions
  • Refer to only in-network providers

Schedule more timely appointments

Care Coordinators direct the injured worker to your preferred providers and schedule all appointments for the life of the claim.

Minimize costs through utilization review

Our trained medical staff evaluates procedures for appropriateness and cost, and suggests alternatives where suitable.

Control opioid use

Reduce your medical and pharmacy costs and the risk of opioid addiction among your members through our Opioid Oversight Program, which includes early intervention, prior authorization, personalized case management, and collaboration with your pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) and other providers.

New York Certified Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

By directing treatment to a qualified provider, MagnaCare Certified PPO achieves huge cost savings for employers, reducing medical expenses by 25-30% compared to state rates.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Available to the unionized sector of the construction industry, MagnaCare’s ADR program eliminates red tape to resolve claims faster.

Recommendation of Care

Recommendation of Care guides injured workers to preferred providers, increasing in-network participation and saving 20-30% on provider bills.