COVID-19 services for a safe and supportive work environment

Across the region, there has been a high demand for COVID-19-related services, especially as employers focus on return-to-work preparations for non-essential employees. There are several options for obtaining these services, but they vary significantly in cost, convenience and accessibility.

MagnaCare, in conjunction with its lab partner BioReference Laboratories, has been offering its clients on-site COVID-19 antibody testing for its members, which is a convenient and low cost option (at no charge to members) that doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription or a visit to a free-standing laboratory.

Beyond just antibody testing, MagnaCare is working with Northwell Direct, a new company from Northwell Health that provides direct-to-employer services, to offer additional services that employers are looking for. Northwell Direct’s infectious disease, occupational health, and workplace safety experts will collaborate with your clients to deliver a custom COVID-19 workplace solution that places your clients’ employees’ safety and well-being as the top priority.

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