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Keep your employees healthy and happy with our low cost Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plans.

MEC eliminates the costly penalty that employers would otherwise have to pay for each employee under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by covering preventive and wellness-related tests and treatments.

Our MEC plans can be a good alternative for employers with 2 or more full-time employees. Since MyMEC plans are self-funded, they are exempt from state coverage mandates and state taxes, and any unused funds are returned to the business.

Want to offer your employees more value?

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We offer group health plan solutions only. (Not for individuals)

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Our MEC plans can be customized to meet your needs.

The MEC plans are customizable to your needs. You can optionally add telehealth, dental, vision, and pharmacy benefits to any plan. We offer three levels of MEC plans:

Basic MEC

Covers 64 preventive tests, screenings, and checkups

Enhanced MEC

Adds doctor visits, x-rays, urgent care, and more

Premier MEC

Adds emergency room and same-day surgery coverage

Services* MyMEC Basic MyMEC Enhanced MyMEC Premier

Preventive & wellness services coverage

Primary care office visit

Specialist office visit

Urgent care services

Outpatient x-ray


Emergency room services

Rx discount card

Rx drug benefits

Telemedicine services

Optional Optional Optional


Optional Optional Optional

Vision benefits

Optional Optional Optional

*Copays apply, depending on plan design

What does Basic MEC cover?

MyMEC Basic offers preventive coverage, such as well visits and screenings:


preventive coverage for adults, such as cancer screenings, diet counseling, and HIV testing


preventive screenings for women, such as anemia screening for pregnant women and domestic violence counseling


preventive screenings for children, such as oral health risk assessment and lead screening

Benefits of MagnaCare MEC plans:


  • Minimize the ACA employer penalty
  • Cover COVID-19 testing and vaccines
  • Receive health plan administrative services such as managing claims
  • Give your employees convenient access to high-quality doctors using our nationwide provider networks

Beyond MEC plans, MagnaCare offers a wide range of affordable group plans – enabling employers to meet the value and affordability standards set forth by the ACA and avoid paying penalty B.