Offer your clients more value with the new products and services we are rolling out in 2020:

  • Tiered network – You can save up to 20% compared to Open Access by steering members to preferred high-quality, low cost doctors and hospitals.
  • Centers of Excellence – Together with Mount Sinai, we’ve developed COEs in total joint replacement, bariatric surgery, and transplants, with more on the way.
  • Redirection of care – We continue to proactively suggest alternative, lower cost sites of service to increase member convenience and reduce your clients’ medical expenses.
  • Integrated delivery networks – An innovative alternative to open access networks, Create® health plans, with provider networks built around integrated hospital systems, lower costs and better coordinate patient care. Create can be an alternative offering for members who are a good fit.

MagnaCare’s other affordable services give you more ways to save. Did you know we provide these products and services:

  • TPA services including claims processing and adjudication
  • Medical Management services to reduce claim costs and manage members’ conditions
  • Pain Management and Opioid Oversight program
  • Advanced technology platform, including our mobile app
  • Customized provider networks
  • Customized health plan design that drives cost-saving behaviors
  • Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plans
  • Call center services
  • Workers’ compensation programs