MagnaCare’s commitment to its members

MagnaCare is not an insurance company. We’re a third party administrator, or TPA, and we administer the health plan for your employer or Fund. That means we print your ID cards and EOBs, answer phones, talk to your providers, mail out letters and payments, and communicate decisions about your claims on your employer’s or Fund’s behalf. We also intake your medical claims, review them for accuracy, and confirm the amount to be paid to the provider based on your plan design. You may also have access to a network of hospitals and other providers that we built.

We also look out for you by providing the technology, programs, and resources to help you manage your health benefits quickly and easily.

Nowadays, we’re developing even more innovative healthcare solutions to support the body and mind, such as an Opioid Oversight, Mental Wellness, and Nurse Case Management programs.

A wealth of providers in your own backyard

MagnaCare’s proprietary networks offer access to leading hospitals and a wide range of participating providers in all specialties. Find out which providers are in your network, based on your health plan.

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Contact us and see what we mean.

We treat every conversation as an opportunity to show you that we care.

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Remember to verify that the healthcare provider you choose is in your network before scheduling your appointment. Visiting out-of-network providers may result in higher out-of-pocket costs.

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