MagnaCare dishes out a recipe for success

The Company

A busy Southwestern cookbook publisher with a best-selling series on Tex-Mex cuisine and a
television show in the works

The Problem

The company’s mission is to spread the word about its regional cuisine, not lose valuable time resolving employee complaints about its traditional insurance carrier’s unresponsive claims department.

The Strategy

The publisher is eager to turn to a self-funded health insurance option, but what can a Third Party Administrator (TPA) like MagnaCare provide for them? Three words: peace of mind.

The Benefits

With our 30 years of experience as a TPA, we at MagnaCare designed a plan tailored to the publisher’s needs and administer it with an eye toward cost savings and employee satisfaction.

Our healthcare actuaries

help determine the level of coverage they needs

Their employees get access

to our local and national options for provider networks

Concierge-level customer service

carefully takes the time to explain benefits, find providers and help employees navigate their healthcare options

We approve eligible claims, decide appeals

and handle other time-consuming administrative tasks, which saves the company money

With 30 years of experience serving self-insured clients, MagnaCare provides everything you need to administer your self funded health plan at a lower cost and with the greater customization that each individual company deserves.

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