Gain flexibility in claim resolution and better understanding between parties

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is a workers’ compensation option available to the unionized sector of the New York State construction industry.

By enabling labor and management to collectively create their own dispute management process, ADR achieves faster claim resolution and better claim outcomes. The collaborative approach eliminates the delays and friction associated with the traditional worker’s compensation process.

Care Coordinators speed claim resolution

With MagnaCare’s ADR program, Care Coordinators schedule all appointments to your preferred in-network providers for the life of the claim. They assure timely appointments and faster claim resolution.

Benefits of MagnaCare’s ADR:

  • Fewer disputes
  • Shorter resolution time
  • Lower total cost of care
  • Fewer provider disputes
  • Expert dispute resolution, arbitration, and mediation services
  • Lower legal costs
  • More satisfied workforce

ADR can yield significant cost savings and improves employee morale.