No-fault Auto

MagnaCare’s innovative Casualty Solutions achieve superior auto liability claim outcomes in New York and New Jersey through:

One of the most successful PPOs in our region

Lower total cost of care

Steepest discounts

Each year MagnaCare processes more than 9 million medical bills for workers’ compensation and auto injuries, representing $2 billion in medical payments

What drives auto insurers to MagnaCare?

Broad, high-quality network With 220,000+ doctor locations and 200+ hospitals in New York and New Jersey, claimants have access to conveniently located providers across the region. Our network includes all the top-rated hospitals, and we credential and monitor doctors according to NCQA guidelines.

Competitive discounts A strong economical solutions with deep discounts enables you to control costs.

Extreme flexibility You choose which providers to include in the network. We’ll customize it by physician-only, specific specialties, by county or zip code, or whatever other criteria meets your needs.