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Healthcare is in the middle of an affordability crisis.

We want you to have the right medical coverage for your needs and budget. That’s why we offer the most customizable health plan solutions on the market. Choose any of our products, or combine them to create a tailored solution.

Are you not self-funding your health plan yet? You should be! Find out why.

Customizable provider networks and plan design


Open Access

PPO Network

MagnaCare offers provider networks in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Our leading PPO network in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut includes more than 200 hospitals and more than 220,000 healthcare providers in all specialties.


Tiered Benefits

Tiered Benefit Design

Using the MagnaCare PPO network, we work with you to define your preferred providers who will provide your group with better care at lower cost. Through your health plan design, we direct your members to your high-value providers.


Custom Network

Custom Network

Pick and choose the facilities, doctors, and other healthcare providers to be included in your network, anywhere in the country. We can add providers or systems that aren’t participating in our PPO network, and exclude any existing providers. You can define preferred providers and have benefit tiering with your custom network.

High-value Narrow Network

Create® Flex is a network of high-performing integrated hospital systems in NY, NJ and CT, selected based on cost and quality. Create Flex includes 35 hospitals and 50,000+ provider locations.

Integrated Health System Network

Our lowest cost network options, your members receive all of their healthcare from a single integrated hospital system that has partnered with Create®. On average, Create health plans reduce healthcare costs by 10-24%.
See the available health system networks.


MEC Plans

Minimal Essential Coverage Plans

With access to our extensive MagnaCare PPO network, our wide range of customizable MEC plans provide convenience and affordability.

Expert health plan management

Our administrative and TPA services do the heavy lifting in administering your self-funded health plan

Use the TPA trusted for 30 years by employers, Labor Funds, carriers, and other TPAs. We help you control costs with ease while delivering the appropriate care to your members.

Explore our cost-effective TPA services

Benefits technology, simplified

Our secure, proprietary, advanced technology platform gives Benefits Managers and members the control they need, with the personalized experience they expect.

It integrates with any health plan and ancillary benefits vendors, providing a single destination for all your benefits needs.

  • Easier, faster health plan management
  • Intuitive member portal
  • Award-winning mobile app
  • Easy online enrollment tool

Experience our Benefits Technology Platform

Reducing the cost of medical care

Prices for medical services vary widely among healthcare providers. Yet research shows that higher prices don’t correspond to better health outcomes.

Our in-house Medical Management team can lower your medical costs, anywhere in the country.

We’ve developed several innovative programs to lower your medical costs while maintaining the same or better level of care for your members. Our in-house clinicians will ensure the best possible care based on medical necessity, while eliminating waste and unnecessary services.

Some of our Medical Management programs:

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We offer group health plan solutions only. (Not for individuals)

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Contact us to learn more

We offer group health plan solutions only. (Not for individuals)

Call 888.799.6465 or fill out the form below.