Compliance & Integrity

MagnaCare is founded on basic principles of ethical and legal business behavior. Among these principles are a commitment to the highest standard of business ethics and integrity, as well as strict observance of and compliance with the laws and regulations governing the business operations of MagnaCare and its subsidiaries. MagnaCare demands that all Company directors, officers and employees adhere to the highest legal and ethical standards to ensure and reinforce the Company′s status as a responsible corporate citizen and to maintain the utmost confidence of the Company′s customers, providers and employees and the public in its honesty and integrity.

In order to effect MagnaCare′s commitment to the highest legal and ethical standards and establish an environment that promotes legal and ethical behavior, MagnaCare has adopted an Ethics and Compliance Program, which includes a “Code of Ethics and Standards of Business Conduct” (“the Code”). The Code incorporates the Company′s core values of integrity, responsibility, mutual respect, and corporate citizenship. These core values are the foundation of the requirements of the Code, all Company policies and procedures and the behavioral expectations for every employee of the Company. The Code is intended to reinforce, on a day-to-day basis, the Company′s commitment to a working environment, which encourages and requires ethical behavior, maintains the Company′s high standards for integrity and honesty and demonstrates the Company′s strong commitment to ethical and lawful conduct. The policy of MagnaCare is to deter the occurrence of unethical or unlawful behavior, to detect as early as possible such behavior whenever it occurs using, among other methods, a compliance hotline, to appropriately disclose such behavior to authorities and to actively and fully cooperate in any criminal investigation or regulatory inquiry undertaken by those authorities. To learn more about the Code, write to MagnaCare′s Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer at MagnaCare′s corporate offices located at 1600 Stewart Avenue, Suite 700, Westbury, NY 11590.

As resources to all aspects of our business, the Ethics and Compliance Program and the Code each dictate absolute compliance by its directors, officers, employees, agents, vendors and subcontractors with all ethical requirements, laws and regulations relevant to our business operations. In addition, MagnaCare continues to assist its clients in their compliance efforts, including as they pertain to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”) and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (“ERISA”), and the regulations promulgated thereunder.