Electronic claims submission

Ease your administrative work by submitting claims electronically.

To set up electronic claims submission for your office

Contact Change Healthcare (formerly EMDEON):


Once you’re set up

Submit claims electronically to Change Healthcare and other electronic clearing houses using:

Payor ID 11303

For any questions about electronic claims submission,

Contact us at [email protected] or call:



Have any questions?

Yes, claims sent electronically are much faster to process than paper claims.
No, you don’t have to be signed up with Change Healthcare (formerly EMDEON) for us to receive your claims. You can use another electronic clearinghouse that is compatible.
Yes, this will be communicated to all clearinghouses through the Change Healthcare (formerly EMDEON) broadcast via bulletin board.
Yes you do, in case your clearinghouse is not part of Change Healthcare (formerly EMDEON).
No, you would just need to submit the claim electronically.
You need to set up a Change Healthcare (formerly EMDEON) or another electronic clearinghouse account. To use Change Healthcare, call 800.845.6592.
Please contact the technical support number at 800.845.6592.
Are you using the correct Payor ID #: 11303? If so, check with your vendor or clearinghouse to make sure the Payor ID # is set up in their system. If the Payor ID is set up with your vendor or clearinghouse and it’s still not working, contact technical support at 800.845.6592.
You can use the online lookup service on the MagnaCare Provider Portal.
Our Provider customer service can assist you with that. Please call 800.352.6465.