When a (TPA) seeks a new healthcare option,
MagnaCare Access puts the pedal to the metal.

The Situation

MagnaCare partners with dozens of other TPAs across the country, who access our expansive provider network and services to add value for their clients. Recently, a TPA consulted with us about their client, an automobile dealership with three Ohio locations. All the employees — salesforce, clerks, mechanics — lived in the same general area. How could their client bring healthcare costs down while driving a quality level of care for employees and their families?

The Strategy

We sat down with the TPA, kicked the tires for a while — as it were — then recommended an Integrated Delivery Network (IDN). We talked about building a network for the dealerships from participating providers who belong to the same local health system. With an IDN, shared electronic medical records (EMR) among providers in the same health system promote better-coordinated care. And the health system readily negotiated lower rates to attract the new clients to their providers and facilities.

The Results

The TPA has helped their client save up to 24% on healthcare costs. Plus, employees like the integrated system, which allows them to build stronger relationships with their primary care physician (PCP). Instantly accessible records help provide a holistic view of their medical history to help them steer their course to better health.

With 30 years of experience serving self-funded clients, MagnaCare provides everything you need to administer your health plan at a lower cost and with the greater customization that each individual company deserves.

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