Nurse Case Management

Help your members manage complex and catastrophic conditions

The nurse case management program is another way MagnaCare goes above and beyond to help you save money and get your members back to health.

We identify members with complex and catastrophic conditions who would benefit from a tailored nurse case management program. Through direct member outreach, highly trained registered nurses establish one-on-one relationships with members, uncover their needs and challenges, and help them attain their personal wellness goals.

Helping members better control their health is a win-win. Members are healthier and future health costs are reduced by avoiding preventable, expensive emergency room claims.

Nurse case managers guide members along their healthcare journey, providing support and encouragement, and helping them navigate the healthcare maze.

A few of the services our nurses provide:

Member success stories

Thanks to their nurse case managers, hundreds of MagnaCare members have achieved their health and wellness goals, including:

  • Lost weight and were taken off heart and diabetes medications by their doctors
  • Switched to checking blood sugar every other day instead of daily
  • Reduced their need for multiple cardiac medications
  • Quit smoking
  • Stopped drinking and started going to the gym
  • Lowered their blood pressure through diet and exercise
  • Lowered their insulin dosage
  • Became more compliant with taking medications and monitoring blood glucose regularly
  • Lessened their chronic cough and shortness of breath
  • Started walking unassisted for longer periods
  • Lowered cholesterol from high to borderline
  • Reduced the risk for cardiovascular problems
  • Improved their mental health

Do you have members who can benefit from a tailored program?

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“I did not necessarily believe this program would make a difference in my life. I was glad to be proven wrong. Thank you for caring.”

“Being in the program made me feel that someone really cared about my health.”

“Sometimes we need to be reminded of what we should be doing on a daily basis to help ourselves. It can be difficult dealing with chronic illness and the reminders give me a push in the right direction.”

“I thank you very much for starting this program. It has helped me a lot. My nurse has recommended things I didn’t know I could have done. Please don’t stop.”