Opioid Oversight

Are opioids affecting your workforce?

Opioids for the treatment of pain have become a major health concern as well as a financial burden to health plan sponsors.

Without appropriate oversight, addiction to opioids can occur within weeks of taking the drug — leading to loss of productivity and increased costs for plan sponsors and members alike. MagnaCare designed the Pain Management and Opioid Oversight Program to help you better control the use of opioids among your plan members and reduce associated costs.

Without appropriate oversight, 60% of people taking opioids at day 7 after onset of pain are still on opioids at day 90.

MagnaCare’s Pain Management and Opioid Oversight Program delivers improved outcomes for plan sponsors and plan members

Reduce medical and pharmacy costs

Increase workplace safety

Improve member function and quality of life

Coordinate detox and substance abuse interventions

Eliminate unnecessary opioid medication use

Prevent and treat addiction

Case managers in our Pain Management and Opioid Oversight Program address the individual needs of members, whether they are opiate naïve or have been using opioids to manage pain symptoms for a period of time.

In collaboration with your Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM), we require prior authorization before dispensing opioids, set refill limits, and automatically receive alerts when an opioid prescription is filled.

For persistent users, we have developed a process for assessing their weaning needs. A case manager provides clinical support any manages any health conditions during the weaning process.

The Pain Management and Opioid Oversight Program assigns the member a team led by a pain management specialist, and coordinates alternative treatments and methods to manage pain.

Our Pain Management and Opioid Oversight Program will reduce your medical and pharmacy costs.

Learn how to prevent opioid addiction among your members.

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