Effective health plan management

When it comes to health plans, you have your own goals. We’ll support you with custom plan designs — with better outcomes and more cost savings front of mind.

Do you envision a plan that doesn’t fit in a standard box? Our team of experts can help you maximize your designs and programs to achieve exactly what you need.

Health Plan Management

Completely customize your providers

What limits do we have when adding providers? None. Our networks are your oyster.

All our networks are completely customizable, and you decide which providers to include. We can even add providers or health systems that aren’t already in our networks — or exclude existing providers that don’t apply to you.

You can also easily define preferred providers and put benefit tiering in place. When members choose preferred providers, for example, they’ll have lower co-pays and cost shares.

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The best thing about working with MagnaCare is that they go out of their way to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need.

— West Coast Multi-Employee Trust

Take Your Pick From

Take your pick from affordable networks

Our proprietary networks give you back control so you can predict costs, manage costs, and reduce your overall healthcare spend.

We’ll happily support any plan design, including PPO, HDHP/CDHP, EPO, and POS.

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Healthplan Management RetirementFund

Retirement fund management to create security

Whatever your admin needs, we have you covered — from basic administration and recordkeeping to claims processing and managing communications.

Customizable 401(k) management and administration

Compliant retirement and pension administration plans

Annuity services

Ready to talk it over? We’re ready too.

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