Improved lab ordering process

Gives physicians the guidance they’re looking for

Due to the complexity of molecular and genetic tests, physicians are asking for guidance on ordering the right tests for their patients.

To help physicians with test selection, which can help speed up diagnoses, MagnaCare is collaborating with BeaconLBS to bring decision support technology to its network of providers. Starting June 1, 2019, physicians will order lab tests for MagnaCare members using BeaconLBS lab ordering and decision support software.

For ordering physicians:

BeaconLBS software helps you select the right tests and identifies the in-network laboratories with the expertise to perform them.

To get started, see how to register. For step-by-step instructions on how to order tests, see the BeaconLBS User Guide.

For additional information about Beacon decision support software, please refer to our FAQ.

For rendering labs:

Before June 1, 2019, follow the instructions on how to register your lab to receive lab orders for MagnaCare members.